Carl and Shirley
Berry Patch
Bakery, Gifts, & Restaurant

"Where you're only a stranger the first time you visit."

Her mother was born in Shelldrake and his father was born at Whitefish Point. When she was 14 and he was 15, he would go to the ice skating rink just to watch her skate. After they were married, Carl took his bride for a Sunday drive through Paradise to tour his home town. They found themselves sitting in the grocery store parking lot, facing a small cement-block building that housed a bakery and pastie business. Shirley turned to her new husband and smiled sweetly; her smiles are worth their weight in gold. Shirley said, "I'm going to own that business one day." Carl just laughed.

In 2002, Carl and Shirley purchased the small bakery and pastie business and fulfilled the prophecy. Open year-round the Berry Patch Bakery, Gifts, & Restaurant became a full fledged breakfast and lunch restaurant. Shirley's gift store just south of the bakery was an expansion for the Berry Patch. The old fashioned bakery was a natural continuation of the orginal business. Space for the Paradise Room was stolen from the gift shop a few years into the business and the UP North Room was added in 2008. Shirley breathed a sigh of comfort when she shared that now, the entire business has cedar paneling. Her dream, their dream is complete.

The best part of the business is the people that come into the store. Paradise brings people from all over the world and none of them are strangers to Shirley. The hugs and smiles make everyday shear pleasure for Shirley and when Shirley is happy, Carl is happy. Stop in, browse the gift shop, then have a seat, enjoy a cup of coffee, and a cinnamon roll. You can't help but smile. The business continues to grow as it services tours to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum with box lunches and fills online orders for sandwiches. Business has been great and continues to grow. One visit and you'll see why. By the way, their homemade cracked wheat bread is just the best you'll ever eat, have some toasted!


8234 North M-123, Paradise, Michigan

"Where you're only a stranger the first time you visit."